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Shooting Course

Why don't you take a picture in the beautiful spot called Kyoto?
We have prepared some of our favorite spots for you.

Courses included in the plan price

With each location plan fee, you can choose from the following spots.

​※There is an additional charge for yukata photography plans.


*Gion Shirakawa only shoots in the morning.

Special photography courses with carefully selected photographers

The "Special Photography Course by Our Photographer's Choice" has an additional fee for each area.

●Permission to photograph may be required.

●If you wish to have your photo taken, please make an application at the time of reservation.

●In some cases, a fee may be required to visit the museum.

 (for the number of people accompanying you, including staff)

●Please contact us for details of each location.

1,650 yen course Travel time (approximately 30 minutes round trip)

3,300 yen course Travel time (approximately 40 minutes round trip)

5,500 yen course Travel time (approximately 60 minutes round trip)

8,800 yen course Travel time (approximately 90 minutes round trip)

*If you prefer other locations, please email us.

*Photo locations may be subject to change depending on weather and crowds.

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